Friday, June 27, 2008

Three priority trails...

Park district on the trail to community bike path :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Lake Villa Review: "Priority Trail No. 1 would connect the park district community center on Grass Lake Road to the Lake Villa District Library on Grand Avenue via the Hastings Lake Forest Preserve.

The second priority trail, the costliest of the three at an estimated $752,000, links Ethel's Woods to Rollins Savannah, with the connection at Grass Lake Road. A proposed underpass would connect McDonald Woods north through Oak Ridge Park and Wetzel Fields to Millburn West School.

The third priority trail would provide an east/west connection extending from the underpass of Grass Lake Road to Polley Field."

What do these three trails have in common? Three words: "Grass Lake Road." That's fine with me because I live a block from Grass Lake Road, but I had no idea I was so strategically located.

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