Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cool. So can you guys start keeping the existing sidewalks clear of cars and snow now?

Lindenhurst trustees get final trail plans :: News Sun :: News: "Lindenhurst -- The village's pedestrian and bike bath plan includes eight segments at a cost of $4 million. The final draft, prepared by Bonestroo and Associates, Libertyville, was presented to the Village Board this week. 'The beauty of this vision is that it doesn't have to be one massive project. We can do it one linear foot at a time, filling in gaps and starting with the shorter areas and some day, five or 10 years, we will have a complete trail system,' Trustee Timothy Wayne said."
Hey, I'm all for soon as the village starts kicking the parked cars off the existing sidewalks, and makes people shovel the snow and ice off them in the winter. If they don't do that, this whole project is a waste of money.

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