Monday, June 23, 2008

Things to think about

1. The Village wants to build sidewalks, but the ones we have are blocked by unshoveled snow all winter and parked cars all year long. Why build more if you won't protect the ones we have? I would love to see sidewalks everywhere, but the village needs to start by enforcing existing laws that are intended to make the sidewalks usable.

2. There are hundreds of toll-jumping trucks driving on Route 45 every day. Why not videotape them at Millburn Road, and then have other police cars at the onramps to I-94 to the north and south to cite them for evading the toll booth? Would the village be able to collect a share of the fines?

3. Is the Village building inspector hostile to property owners doing things themselves to improve their own property? I have heard many stories from frustrated people about this and there seems to be a policy in place that discourages sweat equity. I assume there is some concern--perhaps legitimate--about Lindenhurst not becoming like some nearby communities and unincorporated areas where you see cars on lawns and homemade sheds with pirate flags in the yards.

4. Why did the village spend a fortune on the veteran's monument and then spend every day claiming they have no money to hire police officers or do anything else? I like the monument just fine, but if we need police, that should come first.

Just asking...

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